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Thanks to our partners Fabspeed Motorsport in PA our EVOMSit Software continues to impress! A loyal customer of ours has returned again in search of more power for one of his toys. In this case, we had the pleasure of tuning an already beastly, and not to mention immaculate, Murcialago SV. The black on black Lamborghini begged for even more performance to match its aggressive looking exterior. In the case, I believe that our customer’s words carry more validity than anyone elses. Here is a quote we received shortly after they picked up the car.


 “The ride home was amazing! It felt more responsive and faster. Now, I admit I am not Michael Schumacher or Kimi Raikkonen… but WOW! It feels noticeably better in the throttle response and it definitely accelerates faster. It feels like now it might be faster than my Aventador! It is more over-the-top without being so over the top that it loses its natural personality”


We have ‘unchained the beast’ in a way by aided the naturally aspirated v12 with an aggressive tune so that it can except its force ever so much better.

Listen to a clip here of it terrorizing the dyno while excerting a truely magnificent sound note. Murcielago SV Dyno Run

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