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EVOMS and SharkWerks at Magnus Walker Garage...

The old adage "Jack of all trades, but master of none" is applicable not only to people, but industries as well. SharkWerks' latest project is a 2008 Porsche GT2, and where most bring their vehicle to one spot to complete a project, they did not. SharkWerks brought together some of the best minds, hands, and hearts in the industry to create a car that appeals to most, appalls some, but floors all who get behind the wheel or sit in the passenger seat.

SharkWerks acquired the car with one purpose; to revive the incredible, yet regularly overlooked 997 GT2. Because of its low production numbers and sacred aura, owners and the aftermarket regularly leave the GT2 untouched. Since it is an incredible platform, a pure driving experience, and a Porsche lovers' Porsche, it was time to make a splash 7 years after it first hit the streets.

They started with their RSS/SharkWerks suspension upgrades to remove all rubber nonsense. The factory Carbon Ceramic braking system provides the ultimate level of negative-g's, so they were left untouched. To increase the positive-g situations, they enlisted the assistance of Evolution MotorSports' EVT775 Performance System which is pushing nearly 800hp. To get the power to the ground, they ditched the factory rolling chunks of aluminum and replaced them with some classic Champion wheels sporting Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires... ready for it? 235s in the front and 325s in the rear. It takes a lot of rubber to properly apply 800 thoroughbreds to the pavement.

"Cool," you might say. You might even comment that those items have been around, tested, proven, and written about for years. You might even have them on your own car. Your next comment might sound something like "so why is this car special?" Sharkwerks added their specialties, and then passed the car off to us at EVOMS for a dyno session and custom EVOMSit tune to accompany our hardware, finally passing the car off to Magnus Walker "The Urban Outlaw" for his stamp of approval. What they were expecting was just that, but they received the highest honor. Magnus applied his aircooled Porsche flair for the first time to a watercooled car. I think approval is a gross understatement of what actually happened.

When Magnus received the car it was white, understated, and went about its day as your average 800hp GT2. Now the car is no longer as single color, and in our time behind the wheel it received nothing short of A LOT of attention. Some people think SharkWerks has a lot of apologizing to do to the Porsche purists, we say they will get an apology when they can catch this car in the canyons. Being a part of one of the most sorted street, canyon, and track carving 997 GT2s on the planet was nothing short of an honor.

But why is this car important? Haven't the other projects we built with SharkWerks covered everything the purist Porsche owner and skilled driver want? Well, the difference between those GT3s and this GT2 is where the powerband lives. The GT3s are the culmination of decades of track experience, and the GT2 feeds off of those accomplishments while gearing the car towards a street monster. When you cannot live in the 8,000+rpm GT3 powerband, the GT2 is the perfect alternative delivering low-end torque and a huge lump of horsepower. Give us a GT3 for the track, but the GT2 delivers smiles every other day of the week.

Modification List:

  • EVOMS EVT775 Signature Turbo Kit
    • EVOMSit EVT775 Clubsport ECU Calibration, 7,000rpm Rev Limit, 91, 93, and 100oct files
    • EVOMS High Flow VTG Turbochargers, w/65mm Billet Compressor Wheels
    • EVOMS Clubsport 44.5mm Exhaust Manifolds
    • SharkWerks GT2 Exhaust & High-Flow Cats
    • EVOMS 3rd Generation Clubsport Intercoolers
    • EVOMS Reinforced Silicone Boost Hoses
    • EVOMS Reinforced Silicone Turbocharger Air Inlet Ducts
    • EVOMS Billet Turbocharger Boost Recirculation Valves
    • EVOMS EVT Specification Spark Plugs
    • IPD Competition Intake Plenum
    • OEM Porsche GT3 82mm Throttle Body
    • EVOMS High Energy Discharge Ignition Coils
    • EVOMS 997TT Intake Manifold Conversion
  • Champion RS 184 19" x 9" Forged Monoblok Front Wheels
  • Champion RS 184 19" x 12" Forged Monoblok Rear Wheels
  • Michelin Sport Cup 235/35/19 Front & 325/30/19 Rear Tires
  • Factory PCCB's
  • RSS/SharkWerks Rear Adjustable Links
  • RSS/SharkWerks Bump Steer/Toe Steer Kit & Lock Out Plates
  • RSS Inner Monoballs and Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushings
  • RSS Semi-Solid Engine Mounts
  • SharkWerks Stage 2 Clutch Kit
  • GT2 RS Flywheel
  • Guard GT Pro Chromalloy LSD
  • GT3 RS Front Fender Flares
  • GT2 RS Front Lip
  • TECHArt Wing Gurney
  • Magnus Walker Custom Paint Scheme
  • Magnus Walker Custom Tartan Interior Plaid

Shots of Magnus' garage...