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The Texas Invitational

Stacey Barnett’s 997 GTXXXX claims first price in 6speed shootout.

The Texas Invitational Automotive Airfield Exhibition is an exclusive gathering of the heavy weights of the aftermarket motorsport industry. On October 13th and 14th  in Caddo Mills, Texas, a total of 92 high horse powered cars competed within three respective classes to be crowned as the fastest car. The race is a ½ mile a roll-in drag starting at 60mph. Cars are paired and race head to head, where the winner advances on to the next round and the loser goes home.

This was Evoms first time attending the event; we were both excited about getting to participate and to have a strong outing by competing well. The Porsches we brought were eligible to compete in both the King of the Street (a non-restricted class for any street car) and the Six Speed Challenge (restricted to cars with a 6 speed manual transmission) classes.  Our four car fleet of “special ops” 1000 + horse power cars certainly held their own.  In attendance was Joe Gargano’s 996 GTXXXX, Tom Urena’s 997 GT 1000 e85, Stacey Barnett’s 997 GT XXXX, and of course our own bastard child Mayhem 997.

Stacey Barnett’s car was the star of the show. The silver 997 ran healthy, strong, and consistent over the two day event and went on to win the six speed challenge having a final round speed of 173.07 mph.  He stated after the event that, “I have never had a car run so consistently with a crew on hand to back it up and keep it running strong. I did not have the most horse power out there, but my car was able to put it down better than anyone one else at the event”. His average speed for the entire event was 170.85mph.

Stacey’s Six Speed Challenge final run was among the top ten fastest speeds of the weekend. This is a testament to his consistency and his driving abilities. Here is a video of his semifinal winning run against a 1600+ hp Lamborghini Gallardo

Here is a video of Joe’s 996 GT2 taking down a White Protomotive 997GT2

“Special Ops” refers to our elite customers who come to us for custom high horse power and high profile builds. This is an exclusive car club that is very special to Evoms. These are the cars we build to set records and perform at the highest level. We want our customers to be confident in our ability to be continually in their corner always keeping their car performing its best. For this Texas Invitational event, we trailered our cars along with three techs to ensure the cars were ready to perform. This is a special kind of commitment we make to our “special Ops” clients. If you are interested in learning more please contact

In all, the event was a blast to participate in. It was well organized, safe, and had lots of healthy competition making it something we would like to continue participating in year after year. The Texas Invitational is a truly wonderful event where we were able to display our engineering and innovation alongside others in the industry. We are thankful to Momentum BMW and all other sponsors involved in putting this event. We look forward to competing again next year.