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The Texas Mile 2013 (Spring)

The Texas Mile is home to fast vehicles and gutsy drivers. For the last ten years, its mile long airstrip speed trap has brought many car and motorcycle enthusiast from across the country to partake in the quest for speed. The mile attracts all kinds of racers. People will fly down the strip in everything from grocery getters to full on purpose built race cars striving for their respective top speeds. The energy at the mile is truly something special. There is this contagious eagerness that runs through the drivers, their crew and the spectators alike. Of course there is always a twist of healthy competition that keeps things interesting.

          This year one of our special ops cars headed to the mile, Stacy’s 1300+ hp 996 GT2. As with all special ops cars, John Bray, our premier engine builder and tuner, was there as a support team to keep everything copasetic. The mile had its high points and told us a lot of critical information about our build. First, was that we have truly created a monster. The GT2 is well composed, powerful, and ran as sturdy as an ox all weekend. Our 189mph half mile speed is a testament to the power the GT2 creates and its ability to transfer it to the ground. However, we found out quickly that we had one slight issue with our set up. We were running out of gearing before getting to the ¾ mile marker. That limited our mile speed to 217mph due to the length of 6th gear, not due to power or distance of the track.

          Our performance at the event this year was both exciting and underwhelming at the same time. The car is truly built and was geared to be a half mile, roll-start machine. We now know that in our upcoming half mile events we will do very well for ourselves. With that said, even though 215mph+ is victory in and of itself, in the back of our heads we were out to give the Porsche mile record a run for its money. As we learned reclaiming the title was just not in the cards for the weekend. Nonetheless, The Texas Mile, like always, was good for a great time with fun people, and the event never disappoints. We are excited to return again next year, being better setup for the event so that we can have another strong showing.