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RS EVOMS EVT775 2009 Porsche 997TT in TechART GT Street R Clothing

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Angelic and demonic are seldom used to describe the same thing, nonetheless the same car. However, our latest project may have done the trick. We were challenged, by a returning customer of ours, to go above and beyond to create a truly different 997 Turbo. The goal was to build the ultimate street car that looks, drives, and feels like no other Porsche on the road today. In order to create something that lives up to this tall order we partnered with TechART, Elite Automotive Finishes, and Film Dynamics to handle body work and exterior appearance. Next we searched high and low to find the perfect color matching OEM and aftermarket interior parts to complete the truly custom and incredibly subtle interior. Finally, mounting custom HREs wrapped in Toyo R888 tires ensured that all the power from our EVOMS EVT775 Signature turbo kit reached the road.

This was one of the toughest cars to watch leave the shop as the countless hours that went into making sure every last detail was perfect kept us all deeply invested in its outcome, and it was like a child leaving the home when she left. Nevertheless, the car was built to be a streetcar and the ultimate Sunday canyon carver. On the cars way home, it made a pit stop at the SEMA car show in Las Vegas for a couple days of fun before finishing off the remainder of its journey to Texas. A journey that is a testament to the trust an owner has for the craftsmanship by which we implore with all of our cars here at EVOMS. This particular car is one we have cherished building, as its unrivaled beauty, ferocious power, and cornering abilities make it very special. It is Angelic to the eyes and touch while being demonic to the roads, g-forces, and the human pulse.
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