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NEW 2016 EVOMSit Performance Software Prices..

PRICE DROP – After nearly 10 years with the same software prices, we feel that now is the time to make our world renowned performance software available at more affordable prices. Make no mistake, we are still offering the highest quality, custom tuned software that we always have where we strive for ultimate reliability and maximum performance.  All of our software is custom tuned based on the specific engine hardware and fuel quality so you can rest assured that our tuning is custom tailored for your engine as well as your driving style.  We have a 4 page questionnaire where each of our clients provides detailed information about their vehicle and how they drive so we can fine tune our software to meet their specific requests and ultimate performance goals.  Experience the EVOMSit difference where Pure Adrenaline is fused with ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE 

Performance software for
Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Maserati. Unmatched Power & Performance without compromise. 
EVOMSit Website Can be Found Here.  Dealers list can be found below:

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