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Mayhem 2.0

Mayhem has been our quintessential build for the 997 turbo platform. We have given our hearts and souls in order to produce the world’s fastest Porsche and elevate the aftermarket Porsche performance to the highest level. Countless hours of research and development, road tests, rebuilds, tuning, and competition have pushed us to reach pinnacle performance out of this machine. Our final product is a powerful, reliable, light, and poised car that is truly like no other Porsche. Making over 1500hp from our 4.0 liter flat six and getting all the power to the ground so that we can run fast times, not just produce dyno numbers, is what wakes us up in the morning. Mayhem has set the foundation for our entire Special Ops group and is the reason for all of our triumphs here at EVOMS.

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