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EVOMS ClubSport Headers 997.2
Porsche 997.2 Turbo EVOMS Clubsport Headers

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Our Price: $3,090.00

Product Code: EDH-97.2-65

Design Inspiration: Evolution MotorSports stainless steel headers are meticulously engineered, tested and manufactured to improve performance for a wide variety of applications. Our design approach was not limited to building a “one size fits all” header for every application. Through our extensive testing and development process, we have created a variety of different headers that are properly sized for a wide range of power levels. Producing many different size headers is not cost effective or efficient from a manufacturing perspective; however, we believe that providing the most efficient and best designed headers for various power levels is far more important.

Technical Details:

· Manufactured with a 2-piece header to head flange and internally welded like the OEM Porsche headers
· Reduces thermal stresses caused by expansion and contraction
· Minimizes the risk of header cracking
· Argon purged for optimized weld quality / weld joint penetration
· Retains OEM ground clearance which minimizes the risk of damaged headers
· CAD engineered, virtual and real world tested for optimum efficiency and performance
· Available in different primary tube sizes which have been developed specifically to maximize performance for a variety of power applications

Different diameter headers will change the exhaust velocity and overall flow from the heads to the turbochargers. Smaller headers can generate a quicker boost response, however, they can cause exhaust “choke” by not allowing enough exhaust volume to sustain higher power levels. Conversely, headers that are too large in diameter can reduce the amount of exhaust velocity causing slower turbocharger boost response and a loss in bottom end power. An optimized header for a specific power application will improve mid range power and torque throughout the entire rev range. Our header designs optimize the exhaust flow through the mandrel bent primary tubes and merge collectors. They have superior flow characteristics compared to the OEM header and are size specific depending on application and desired power. Our headers also maintain the stock amount of ground clearance which eliminates the risk of header damage from a low hanging primary tube which is common for most other aftermarket headers.

· Increases horsepower and torque
· Up to 30 HP & 30 lb/ft. TQ - depending on application
· Typical gains are ~15 HP/TQ
· Optimizes exhaust flow for increased power in the higher RPM’s
· Improves turbocharger spool characteristics for increased mid range torque
· Perfect fit - direct replacement for the OEM headers
· Meticulously hand fabricated in our AZ headquarters by EVOMS Master Fabricator: Al Berini
· Manufactured with the finest grade stainless steel
· 50 state emissions legal
· Lifetime warranty against cracking / manufacturing defects – Original purchaser

Development History:
Our development process began in our virtual laboratory where different header designs were created in Solidworks CAD software. This process allowed us to create and test different virtual headers prior to building actual test prototypes. Through our extensive research and development process, tests with header collector design and primary tube diameter / lengths played a critical role in the overall performance of the different designs we built and tested.

During the testing phase of our header development, we installed various different probes in our headers to measure the engines air fuel ratio (AFR), exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and exhaust backpressure. Next, we tested the headers on different vehicles and collected vital data which helped us to determine if a design was optimized for the intended application. Once we concluded a design met our performance criteria, we subjected the headers to a variety of other stress tests to ensure their integrity prior to production.

When we set out to build the ultimate headers for the 996/997TT, we did not allow cost cutting design constraints or current prices in the market prices dictate our process. If we were going to compete on price, we would have had to sacrifice key design features and quality of materials and workmanship in order to reduce manufacturing costs. We opted to create the ultimate header system where quality, performance and guarantee translate into a higher price. Just to put the quality aspect into perspective, the raw materials used to fabricate our headers are more than some headers are selling for retail. The price differences are due to our unequivocal design / R&D process, quality of materials, material costs, as well as the amount of time invested into a quality, USA manufactured product.

Headers are just headers unless they have been specifically designed for an intended performance system. In order to maximize power, torque and efficiency, it is impossible for one set of headers to work in all of the different levels of performance. Finally, no other company devotes the time to properly design and engineer headers and other performance components like we do. The products we design in our various performance systems are properly matched for the rest of the components which yields peak performance today, tomorrow and for years to come.

• Pricing subject to change without notice.
• This product may not comply with your local emissions standards. EVOMS is not responsible for emissions compliance, please purchase with care

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