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997.1 Turbo (Only) EVOMSit Intelligent Tuning Upgrade for Engine Performance System/Signature Turbo Systems
Porsche EVOMSit Intelligent Tuning Upgrade

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Please note the needed parts specific for each level of our EVT Performance/Turbo packages. Any missing parts will cause cause to run improperly.

Our Price: $1,695.00

Product Code: 997TT-EVT

EVT Software Upgrade:


Evolution Motorsports is proud to offer EVOMSit Software for the 997.1 Turbo

An absolute modern classic, the 997.1 Turbo combines the best of the old world--a thoroughly modernized Mezger flat six, a six speed manual or five speed Tiptronic gearbox, a small and nimble chassis, and timeless style--with the new in Variable Geometry Turbine technology, modern traction control, adjustable suspension, and modern engine management into a formidable package. Rated at 480hp / 460lb-ft, the 997 Turbo came equipped with more performance, responsiveness, and most relevant here--potential for modification and improvement than any previous 911 Turbo.

Through a host of upgrades, many of which were pioneered by Evolution Motorsports on their in-house shop car as far back as 2008, the 997 Turbo is capable of playing ball with even the most modern supercars. However, the key to extracting more performance from the car is properly recalibrating the Motronic 7.8.2 ECU. Through more than a decade of experience and hundreds of tunes performed, we offer a wide array of software available to take your 997 Turbo to the next level.

Options and Power Ratings

Power gains, hardware requirements, and fuel ratings for most available files are shown below. Power ratings are estimates of crank horsepower based on results of dyno testing and performance on the street. Performance may vary depending on fuel quality, environment, hardware quality, and vehicle condition. Custom tuning is available for certain applications with an additional fee; contact us to discuss.

EVOMS Tuning Philosphy

Founded in 2000, Evolution Motorsports has specialized in modifying watercooled 911 Turbos since the release of the 996 Turbo. Since bringing ECU tuning in-house under the EVOMSit banner in 2008 we remain one of the only exotic car tuners to develop both hardware and software upgrades together in tandem. This allows us to design software with a better understanding of the design, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the hardware over which it controls from the air filter to the engine internals. Our 997.1 Turbo development program began with the purchase of a brand new car in 2007 and extended to setting and breaking our own world records in the Standing Mile at 234mph in 2012 and Standing Half Mile at 219mph in 2016, programs which involved re-engineering and building the entire 997 Turbo platform to achieve.

During our our initial and ongoing R&D process we create, test, and refine a catalog of tuning files designed to suit a variety of different popular hardware combinations and fuel qualities. Each of these files is rigorously tested on the dyno and street using professional tools and expertise to ensure they the best performance and reliability possible throughout an array of different situations and scenarios. For example, at one point we developed a file that performed exceptionally well on the dyno, but found that it performed poorly on the street due to how the car reacted to heat build up over longer full throttle runs. The software was asking more than its matching hardware could support in the real world. A different approach made slightly less power on the dyno produced far better performance on the street over every type of driving it was tested under as it maintained the car under the temperature thresholds where the ECU would pull back power. By doing this kind of diligence up front, we can deliver tuning for a variety of applications that works well out of the box without having our customers shoulder the burden of testing and developing a file for their car and usage as typical 'custom tuning' requires.

Every tune we produce is made to order from our catalog of files to suit the needs of the customer and their car. Our tuning process starts by filling out a four-page questionnaire to gather detailed information about what hardware upgrades the car has, what kind of fuel is used, and how the customer drives the car (purely street use, straight line racing, road course use, some combination of, etc.). This information is used to issue a tune best suited to the unique requirements of the customer and their vehicle.

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