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The ADV.1 line  consists of literally hundreds of style / configuration combinations. In order to find the ADV.1 wheel that best suits your individual style, performance expectations and budget. Start by selecting one of the available 15 wheels faces. Once selected please look through different versions of wheel configurations to find what suits your car and budget. Third look through the available finishes to create the ultimate wheel for your vehicle.

**Please call for orders and pricing. We want to ensure correctness of specifications and pricing before any orders are placed.
Call 480.317.9911 or Email [email protected]

Product Code: ADV6

Description ADV.1 Custom Finishes

Look through the following wheel configurations to build a wheel with the face you have selected. Note the difference in styles between each configuration and also the differences between any configuration and its SL series upgrade 

Click Here for a SL Wheel Overview 


The Track Spec SL Forging configuration by ADV.1 Wheels. Our Flagship Series, the SL Line has become our most advanced, and sought after wheel option since it’s release in early 2011. Now completely updated, improved & re-designed entirely for 2013, the Track Spec SL Series remains the industry’s most advanced, respected wheel option available.

The ADV.1 Track Spec configuration. Our flagship line, the Track Spec Series consists of a 3 piece construction using our deep concave profile forgings with a modified die designed to allow what we call a “contoured spoke” extension. This feature allows us to engineer each set with spokes specifically following the exact contour of the step lip surface resulting in a look unlike any other wheel and performance to match. These wheels are intended for street and race use and are available for all vehicles and all styles / finishes.

Track Spec + Track Spec SL Configuration Video

The ADV.1 M.V2 SL Configuration. Consisting of a forged 2 piece construction using our newly designed for 2013, “Mono-Center” forgings. 15 individual forging dies / 3 profiles per diameter in 18-22 inch with all widths from 5.0-13.0 inches wide available. This revolutionary new forging design provides the market with an entirely new option in forged wheel design. A lightweight, high performance, competitively priced alternative to the forged monoblock.

The M.V2 SL option is similar to our previous monoblock SL option only better. Comparitavely, the M.V2 SL Feature provides a wheel as much as 30% lighter than it’s equivelant monoblock option in the same size, offset, style and vehicle application.

The M.V2 Forging configuration by ADV.1 features a revolutionary 2 piece monoblock construction, developed & engineered in late 2011, the M.V2’s primary focus is to provide a lightweight, forged aluminum, individually engineered to order alternative to the forged monoblock. The M.V2 provides an entirely new look combining 3 piece versatility with 1 piece performance & ride quality. Available for all makes & models in sizes 18.0-22.0 inch diameters with widths ranging from 7.5-13.5 inches.

M.V2 + M.V2 SL Series Configuration Video 

Deep SPEC + Deep Concave

The ADV.1 Deep Spec configuration. Similar to our flagship line, the Track Spec Series, the Deep Spec option consists of a 3 piece construction using our deep concave profile forgings with a modified die designed to allow what we call a “contoured spoke leg extension.” This feature allows us to engineer each spoke of the wheel specifically around the exact contour of the step lip outer rim profile. The Deep Spec option combines our Track Spec Series with our Deep Concave Series resulting in a deep step lip & profile for a look that has never before been seen. These wheels are intended for street use and are available to all vehicles and all styles / finishe

Deep Spec + Deep Concave Spec Configuration Video

The ADV.1 Track Function (TF) & S-Function (SF) series configurations. Designed & engineered around our goal with this series to provide a wheel with the same quality, materials, assembly and reliability as all of our wheels, however at a lower, entry level price point. The ADV.1 entry level option is comparable in quality and style to other brands flagship offerings, while maintaining a competitive price point & ADV.1’s strict quality standards and build quality.

The ADV.1 M.V1 (Monoblock Version 1) Configuration. 
Single piece 60/61-T6 Forged heat treated aluminum. OEM drivability and improved performance / aethetics. Available in all 15 styles in a Deep concave, mid, flat & every profile in between.

Each individual forging size / profile is first engineered as a blank forging die based on the application range and load ratings that the particular forging is intended to be used on. The blanks are kept in stock and then individually engineered to order, then lathed, milled and finished as each order specifies.

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