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500 HP 3.9L RS/S Clubsport GT3
Porsche 997 GT3 3.9L RS/S 500 HP Kit EVOMS

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Our Price: $18,762.00

Product Code: ENG-39RSS

Just as the 2010 Porsche GT3s start to reach local dealerships with a new 3.8L engine direct from Porsche, Evolution MotorSports, in conjunction with Performance Partner SharkWerks, has upped the ante once again. Back in 2007, we built a similar 3.8L engine for the GT3, and after 19 months of testing, tuning, hundreds of dyno runs, countless track miles, and several state highways worth of road testing, we have upped the stakes once again. We continued the development process on Sharkwerks’ Viper Green GT3 RS to engineer an even bigger displacement engine upgrade package. Further improvements have been made with our proprietary intake and exhaust camshafts. Read on to discover how we can transform your 3.6L 997 GT3/RS into a 500+ HP MONSTER that will sing all the way to 8800 RPMS. Click here to access the: 3.9L Press Release


Evolution MotorSports / Sharkwerks GT3 RS 3.9L Highlights:

  • Ground up design and engineering approach which encompasses all aspects of engine development
  • Improved power and torque while maintaining strength and reliability
  • 8800 RPM rev limit for an additional 500 RPMS of pure adrenaline
  • Lightweight piston design and special clutch / flywheel package reduce rotational mass to further improve throttle response and engine revving
  • Extensively tested and tuned on 91 octane, 93 octane and race fuel
  • Engineered in and manufactured primarily in the USA

EVOMS GT3 503 HP - 3.9L Performance System - RS/S Includes:
  • EVOMS Piston & Cylinder Kit - 3.9L 104 mm Bore - Raised Compression - Direct Replacement
  • EVOMS 260 KSI - 10mm H-11 High Performance Head Stud Kit
  • EVOMS Specification ClubSport Intake and Exhaust Camshafts
  • EVOMSit - Intelligent Tuning - Engine Software
  • Sharkwerks Rear Muffler Bypass - Lightweight Stainless Steel (Removes 16 pounds)
  • Top End Engine Rebuild Kit:
    • (2) Cylinder Base Gaskets
    • (2) Head Gaskets
    • (2) Cam Tower Gaskets
  • EVOMS CNC Machined Billet Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley w/ Bolt
  • OEM Lightweight RS Flywheel Conversion
    • (1) Lightweight RS Flywheel
    • (1) RS Clutch Throw out Bearing
    • (1) RS Spec Guide Tube
    • (1) RS Conversion Starter Ring Gear
    • (1) RS Conversion Pilot Bearing
    • (9) RS Conversion Pressure Plate Bolts
    • (9) RS Conversion Flywheel Bolts
  • EVOMS / SRE Sport Clutch Kit
    • (1) RS Sport Sprung Hub Clutch Disc
    • (1) SRE Motorsport High Clamp Force Pressure Plate
    • (1) EVOMS Upgraded Clutch Assist Spring
  • EVOMS Clutch / Flywheel Assembly - High Speed Spin Balanced

Listed below is a quote from the editor of Excellence Magazine when he reviewed our 3.9L conversion in Sharkwerks Viper Green 997 GT3RS:

What’s on my mind ...weeks after the RS the winner of this match up, and it’s not a car. It’s an engine, and I’m a handling guy. As that sinks in, I realize something else.

Much as I love short-stroke 2.5s and 2.8s, today’s GT3 engines eclipse them. But this 3.9 vanquishes every GT3 flat six I’ve tried. Including the ones in the 997 GT3 Cup and RSR? In a word, yes —in part because they’re overshadowed by a sequential transmission that makes F1 noises and in part because they’re not built to be enjoyable — they’re built to be raced. The 3.9 feels RSR strong but more refined than the production 2010 GT3’s 3.8. Put simply, it’s the best normally-aspirated flat six I’ve tried.

That ranks it up there with my top two Porsche engines of all time: the 469+hp, twin-turbo flat six in 1988’s Ruf CTR and the 605-hp, 5.7-liter V10 in 2004’s Carrera GT. It’s hard to see how a flat six can get any better, but perhaps Porsche under Ferdi­nand Piëch will show us.

- Pete Stout, Excellence Magazine - April 2010 - "Hello 8800 RPMS" 997 GT3 RS 3.9L <Excellence Magazine Link>


Technical Specifications:

  • 500 HP / 355 TQ
  • Forged 104 mm Pistons – Raised C/R – 5 axis CNC machined with low-friction piston skirt coating
    • Each piston w/ wrist pin is 23 grams lighter than the OEM piston / pin
  • Steel 104 mm liners – with Nickel-Ceramic bore coating
    • Optimum strength & wear resistance
  • Manufactured with the highest grade - heat treated and stress tested materials
  • Improved performance with new intake and exhaust camshaft profiles
    • EVOMS Proprietary camshafts for improved mid to upper RPM power
  • EVOMS H-11 260 KSI head studs for improved head sealing
  • Balanced lightweight clutch package for quicker engine revving
  • Lightweight stainless steel side rear muffler bypass system
  • Removes 16 pounds of weight off the rear of the car
*NOTE: Due to the complexity of this engine conversion, installation must be performed by one of our trained installation centers. Installation charges are additional and run about $6000 for the complete upgrade. If you have any further questions or need assistance finding an authorized installation center, please contact us by phone (480) 317-9911 or email: [email protected]

• Pricing subject to change without notice.
• This product may not comply with your local emissions standards. EVOMS is not responsible for emissions compliance, please purchase with care.

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