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Our EVT775 kit is the ultimate package for bolt on performance upgrades. We focus on upgrading specific parts to harness the power output of the factory block. Upgraded VTG Turbo Chargers, Clubsport Intercoolers, High Flow Turbocharger Air Inlet Ducts, an 82mm Throttle Body and Competition Plenum, Clubsport Exhaust Manifolds, 200cpsi Stainless Steel Cats, 70mm EVOMS Sport Exhaust, Platinum Spark Plugs, and Dual EPROM ECU, which allows for chip switching and a raised rev limit (7000rpms), is what allows us to reach the these levels of power on a stock block. We also installed an SRE Stage 3 clutch system with an steel single mass light weight flywheel to make sure all of the power makes it to the ground. This GT2 also upgraded to RSS stage 2 Tarmac kit which allows for total adjust-ability of suspension angles. Its current set up was done in house, by our suspension guru Robert, for an aggressive track setup. This setup will make the car a dominating force on the track as it will have more than enough power and loads of grip in the corners. 

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