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This jaw dropping 458 Italia has our newly developed Sport Headers, high-flow cats, and valve controlled race exhaust along with our EVOMSit - Intelligent Tuning software. We were able to truly unleash the naturally aspirated V8 and gain 56 AWHP and 48 AWTQ on 91 pump octane. The valved exhaust system gives the motor a great V8 F1 car like sound without droning at low rpms and conservative driving.

DSC03369es EVOMS_Ferrari_F458_Exhaust-3 EVOMS_Ferrari_F458_Exhaust-10 EVOMS_Ferrari_F458_Exhaust-15 EVOMS_Ferrari_F458_Exhaust-1-2 DSC02609es DSC02622es DSC03379es DSC03365es DSC03384es DSC03390es DSC03398ES DSC03419ES DSC03396ES DSC03393ES DSC03426ES DSC03429ES DSC03412ES DSC03424ES