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In the fifth inning of game three in the 1932 World Series, Babe Ruth came to bat and famously pointed towards center-left field, calling out the direction of his impending home run according to legend. Two strikes and one more taunting point later, he launched a line drive into the bleachers in center-left putting the Yankees up 4-1 towards a game win and eventual championship.

Some 82 years later, EVOMS customer 'TS' stopped by our Tempe, AZ showroom to visit and talk about what we could do to bring his 996 Turbo to the next level. Already equipped with the EVOMS GT660 Signature Turbo Kit, he was looking for more power and a more aggressive, unique appearance for the exterior of the car. He walked into our showroom, the walls of which are lined with photos of highly modified 996 Turbos we've built over the years. With a cool southern drawl, he pointed at the photos and told us 'I think those are pretty cool'. A couple months later, his own beast was completed and we'd hit one out of the park.

The foundation of TS' project was the upgrade to the GT775 Signature Turbo Kit. Going above-and-beyond the tried-and-true GT700 kit, the GT775 optimizes everything around the factory 996 Turbo long block. Twin Alpha 28 watercooled ball bearing turbos breathe through an EVOMS V-Flow intake and EVOMS Turbo Inlet Ducts. Boost is handled by high flowing EVOMS Silicone Boost Hoses, cooled by our Clubsport Intercoolers, and funneled to the motor by a modified Y-pipe feeding a 74mm throttle body and the IPD Competition Intake Plenum. EVOMS Clubsport Exhaust Manifolds help spool the turbochargers and eliminate the choke point in the exhaust at high power levels. A Tubi street exhaust was chosen to make the car roar, will being practical and almost completely drone-free on the street.

To feed the fire of nearly 800hp, a newly evolved GT700 fuelling kit is used which includes high flow lines from the fuel tank to the motor along with a high flow fuel filter and new Injector Dynamics ID725 fuel injectors. EVOMS HED Ignition Coils provide the reliable spark needed at high cylinder pressures. Our Lightweight Underdrive Crank Pulley improves reliability at high power levels and lets a couple more ponies make it to the ground. An EVOMS Stage 3 clutch, Lightweight Steel Flywheel, and GT2 Slave Conversion rounded out the drivetrain modifications.

The hallmark of EVOMS Signature Turbo Kits is the power and driveability of our EVOMSit software and tuning. Upon completion, TS' car hit our dyno for final tuning on 93 octane pump fuel. The results were a massive 660whp and 675wtq, which equate to an estimated 775hp and 795ft-lb at the flywheel. On the street, the AWD 996 Turbo struggles for traction through third gear. The onslaught of torque from 3500rpm onwards is enough to break the tires free when accelerating from cruising speeds, and the linear top end power is enough to dust off almost anything TS might encounter on the streets of South Carolina.

Power and speed wasn't enough for TS; he wanted to stand out as well. With that, we worked with Elite Automotive Finishes and Techart to enhance his already pristine condition slate grey 996 Turbo with the GT Street front bumper and side skirts along with a GT2 rear wing and decklid. We choose Techart as they provide unmatched build quality and finish, along with a timeless design that still has presence over ten years after its initial release. The gloss carbon fiber spoiler, intercooler duct splitters, and top wing tie the car together from front to back. The final piece of the puzzle was a stunning set of 19" Adv.1 ADV8 Track Spec wheels with transparent brass centers and polished lips. The first of this style ever used on a Porsche, they are wrapped in 235/35r19 and 305/30r19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

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Special thanks to Mike Kuhn Racing for the excellent photography.