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Porsche 997 Turbo

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"Let me tell you right here and right now, the EVOMS EVT700 Porsche 997 TT is the hardest-accelerating car I've ever driven - PERIOD."

"Tuning 996 turbos for more power has become a cult unto itself and it could be argues that the staff at Evolution MotorSports in Tempe, Arizona are high priests of said cult"

"By the top of fourth gear, you would swear that if it had wings it would fly" "The car launches so hard that it could literally lift the wheels off the ground on a hard launch" 

EVOMSit Tuned 3.9L GT3RS  EVOMS UK Martini EVT700

"EVOMSit" Tuned 2009 997S DFI

"Particularly impressive is the EVOMSit software tuning. Partial-throttle response, often a weak spot with aftermarket tunes, is every bit as
good as a factory GT3’s. It’s the final piece in that rarest of puzzles: an aftermarket engine that outshines its factory basis."
 "Once you've tasted the power of the EVT700, you'll want to experience it time and time again. The EVT700 is frightening, astonishing and addictive in equal measures" "The power is right there under foot in an instant. This car will melt distance upon command, is there a need to vaporize it as well?"


RS370 Cayman & 3.8L GT3 RS

EVOMS GT3 Twin Turbo

"As for speed? The 700 explodes every time you nail the gas. Frankly, its too much fury for even the smoothest streets.. the marvelous, wildly powerful flat six never falters even after a half-dozen all-out blasts down the Texas Mile Course" "The Cayman Rotates fast and you hear and feel the engine winding out right behind your vertebrae"  "The RS digs in off the line, the 305's in back throwing the car forward with ballistic ferocity"

"Remember the scene from Star wars when the Millennium flacon hits warp speed and the stars turn into straight lines?  Picture that but replace the stars with green trees, the acceleration is not merely impressive, but downright violent"